Fuzzie Friends Lausanne

Service Menu:


Boarding:  Your pup moves in and is treated like family.  We keep a detailed file of your pup so we know everything about them, from how many times a day they eat, to their usual sleeping habits.   **Please note, we book-up months in advance!  We do our best to accommodate, but for the best chance of your dog having a vacation at Fuzzie Friends, please write us ASAP with exact dates so we can put you in the calendar, and guarantee your spot!


In home visits:  Litter box check and change if needed, food/water. 

Small animals (guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.)

Food and water change, and removing any visible dirty bedding (feces or wet spots), or complete change of bedding if needed.  (You must provide a safe spot for the animal to be during the bedding change.  A "play ball" is ideal.)

Things you should know:

I always like to meet you and your pet before the time of care begins.  For cats, this means I would come over for a chat and find out all details, like where the food is kept, etc.  For dogs, it's ideal for you to bring the dog over here at least once.  This is so you and I can meet, and also so your dog can meet me, and sniff around before the actual stay begins.  I like to think that this eases some potential anxiety for the dog, before you drop them off and leave them here. 

Pick up/drop off services are available. 

If you have a special request, just ask!  We will do our best to accommodate!

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